Lalita's Party

We warmly welcome you to Stockholms most delicious Lesbian Party.

Lalita’s Party is a space for bisexual and lesbian women, that celebrates all that it is to be a woman. We are dreaming of a space overflowing with lesbianess, with eros, dance, play, love, wildness and pussy power. Imagine a room full of women dancing like there is no tomorrow, in deep connection with our bodies and with each other. A space where you can play, connect, fall in love, get turned on, feel your body, be wild, be crazy, be sad, be angry, be ecstatic and be here as the magnificent being you are.

The event is inspired by our favorite worlds of Burning Man and Tantra, and the night will offer everything from amazing female DJs to magic rituals, tantric ceremonies, playful wrestling, female empowerment workshops, ecstatic dance… As we fuse the creative experiential craziness of Burning Man culture with the deep womanhood worship of Shakti Tantra and the empowered female sexuality of the LGBTQ+ community - we expect nothing less than body-blowing magic.

With tingling love,


The doors will be open between 19 and 21 so you need to arrive before 21. We highly recommend you all to come in time for the opening ceremony, which will be held at 1930.

The presale period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Blivande, Södra hamnvägen 9, 115 41, Stockholm

When does the event happen?
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