Let's Play - The Happy Opening Party

Welcome to the grand opening of my art exhibition!


Soooo... this is getting big!đŸ”„

  • From 12 the opening will start and then escalate into a party from 18 until midnight.
  • To cover most of the costs for bartenders, guards & other crew, sound system, lights, cleaning etc. we are putting a fee on the party.
  • 106kr for early birds and then 159kr for everyone else.


I'm so excited to share this day with all of you!

Booked workshops and events so far:

  • BreathWork - Daniel Mueller from Hale

  • Eye gazing performance - Pamela Von Sabljar

  • Fire Performance - Sanna Söderlund
  • Kink 101 - Eric Lohela
  • Color Psychology and aurareading - Sara Garanty
  • Aerial Performance - Alita Creep
  • Tattoo - Louis Engellau Fellbom
  • The Circling Art Guide - Jonas Johnsson
  • DJs - Golden Boi, Ockult A
  • Tea Ceremony - Mrs. Wildera
  • Virtual Dance Performance - Fredrik Ekholm & Happy Wilder
  • Silent-Disco Sound Scape
  • Microscope exhibit
  • Three spaces with art!

Glad and excited to have so many co-players by my side during this beautiful day!

Schedule and more details coming up Tuesday! ❀

Some will be during the day and others during the party.

Optional Dresscode: What would Happy wear?

The presale period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Frihamnstorget, Södra HamnvÀgen 5, 115 41, Stockholm

When does the event happen?
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Early bird

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