Stockholm After Dark - Nightlife conference

Plenty of lip service has been paid to the “crucial importance” of culture while simultaneously enacting and upholding absurd laws requiring permits for dancing and other regulations stifling a vibrant and diverse night culture with very little, if anything, to show for the sacrifice. This simply does not add up, needs to change, and is also changing as Swedes travel the world and realize that it need not be this way.

But time is of the essence and we can’t afford politicians and other decision makers dragging their feet any longer.

Long before the COVID pandemic hit we were already suffering under the self-inflicted wave of “klubbdöden” (the death of clubs) rolling over the city; slowly but steadily drowning out both new and old night institutions and communities in its wake.

Way too many babies have been thrown out with the dirty (and in parts genuinely problematic) bathwater that nightlife and the night time economy undoubtedly generates.

Fortunately other cities like Berlin, London and as of late even Vienna have already tested and proven other much more successful models of handling both the opportunities and the problems of the night.

Let’s listen to them.

Join this conference to hear both local and international perspectives on what
Stockholm can and should learn from other leading cities of the night, and why that is
of the utmost importance!


At House Blivande in Frihamnen located at Södra hamnvägen 9.

Recommended bus lines are 1, 76 and 72.

Participation is subsidized by a grant from Kulturrådet and as such we offer it for a symbolical and below cost price of 100 kr which includes lunch from Santa Salsa.


Fri, 26th May

9.00 - 18.00.

Sat, 27 May

11.00 - 17.00


We refer to our website or the FB event for updated program of both days' schedules.


This conference is organized in collaboration between The Night Academy, Stadt Nach Acht, Blivande.

THE NIGHT ACADEMY as a whole is made possible by a grant from Kulturrådet.

The presale period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Blivande, Södra hamnvägen 9, 115 41, Stockholm

When does the event happen?
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