Free trial co-working day at Blivande

Are you a person looking for a co-working space that combines extra services: laser cutter, 3D printer, industrial sewing machine, woodwork room and a high ceiling studio for bigger projects? We have them all under the same roof.
A professional co-working space on the second and a co-creative hall on the first floor:

If you are an engineer who wants to combine co-working and machine creativity
If you are an architect who likes to convert your drawings into physical objects
If you are an innovator with a wide desire of a co-working and fully functioning makerspace
If you are a fashion designer who illustrates online and wants to make sample products using our industrial sewing machine
If you are a writer/journalist who is looking for a writing corner
If you are a person who wants to combine your craft hobby and screen work in the same building
If you are in the music/film industry and want to explore our venue
If you are a curious person who wants to be one of our creative co-workers
If you are a person who likes to work in a art-oriented environment
If you are a person with a desire to work around a community like ours

even if you are not one of the above but likes to surround yourself with other creative people, then we have a place dedicated to you.

House Blivande, co-working and meeting place for great minds in science, art and business, opens it's gates for one day. Come join your peers with full access to our co-working space: studio Beta.

Networking is half the joy.

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